Island Love Secrets - Terra Nova Perfume Oils

"Instead of traditional application on pulse points or behind your neck, apply any of Hawaiian Terra Nova perfume oils using roll-on applicator on your tummy or dab a drop below your belly-button. This way, the scent becomes part of you, the source of aroma becomes virtually undetectable. But watch out what this little trick does to improve potency of your significant other, increase pleasure and prolong a love play in no time. Try Pikake fragrance, Hawaii's traditional and most powerful passion booster. Use White Ginger, Plumeria or Tuberose for a night filled with gentle, most incredible touches. Use Gardenia to leave an unforgettable impression. Use the natural powers of fragrant island oils and these female secrets reminiscent of those known to fabulous Cleopatra.

And the best part, Terra Nova claims it is safe to use their perfume essences on your skin or in a hot tab since Terra Nova prides itself for using premium, natural ingredients. TerraNova's scents are truly the most incredible and long lasting. They are so close to real Hawaiian blossoms and blend so well with female chemistry that it is difficult to spot you are wearing a perfume. People with fragrance allergies would appreciate that quality. It feels as you are entering a unique environment filled with positive, pleasant energy that draws you in. People do not realize there is a slight fragrance that draws them to a particular person over and over again. Exotic Hawaiian oils smell so naturally effortless and captivating, they influence our brain on a deep cell level reaching for our subconscious mind. Once you master the most efficient use for essential perfume oil based fragrances and their harmonious combinations, you are able to awaken certain positive feelings and influence others subconsciosly, without words, just as Hawaiian islands filled with luscious gardens and fragrant plants make people fall in love and cherish island memories forever.

Many of pure Hawaiian oils are capable of improving natural pheromone levels in human body making people appear more attractive, joyful and youthful. Beauty specialists say that you must not feel the scent you are wearing throughout the day. This is an indication of "truly yours" fragrance that matches your body chemistry. Your perfume should not have a separate life, it should enhance yours.

To envelope yourself into a beautiful, magical scent without overpowering it, use a matching or similar Terra Nova's island shower gel, body lotion or body butter that will make your skin kissable, soft and touchable. Mix and match island scents just as skilled florists mix tropical flowes for making the most gorgeous, fragrant flower lei. Have you ever wondered why it felt so different wearing such a lei? Does the scent affect the way you perceive yourself or how others see you? It certainly does. In a right combination, mixed in a certain way, Hawaiian fragrances become magical.

Utilize these three simple and affordable steps: (1) try applying exotic island oils on your tummy, (2) spice it up by using Hawaiian shower gel or body lotion, (3) experiment combining various tropical scents in moderate amounts. You will effortlessly enter someone's dreams as a goddess of romance or a subject of desire. Smelling heavenly will make you feel heavenly. Other women might envy but men will be turning heads towards you.

After all, how many women out there are emitting a subconscious frequency of "just came back from Hawaii"? Exotic perfume oils will help you do that without a need for making a special trip to the paradise. We will deliver the world's renown and highly sought for aromatic wonders right to your door steps. Thoughtfully picked, strategically mixed and secretly placed, they will relax your body and set your mind free while opening the door for love, passion and incredible emotions."


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